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  Running An Event
Running an Event

The event system is a very interesting and useful one. It helps you promote your room and the event that you may be holding. Follow this guide to help you with everything you'll need to do to get a successful Habbo underway!


First of all make sure you're in your own room, which is unlocked. You can't run an event with a locked room, obviously! When you're in your room, click the room icon on your navigator (see image below.) Now in the box which has just appeared, click "Create event".


Name, Description and Category!

Now a new box should appear. You'll see it's asking for the event name, description and category. Fill out all those fields as they are all mandatory. When choosing a category, select one from the drop down list. When thats all done, you can hit "Create" and wait for all your crazy party guests to arrive, wooah!


You've successfully created an amazing event, well done!

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