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Hints and Tips

Whilst browinsg the hotel, you may be in need of some help with finding easier ways of doing things, such as picking up all of your furniture in a room, seeing a list of people who are in your room, viewing events and making favourites, so we've compiled a list of different hints and tips to make your Habbo experience much more enjoyable!


Accepting a friend request

Would you like to accept a friendship request on Habbo? Well all you need to do is load the Habbo client and on the left you'll see a little symbol of a yellow console-type logo. If you click this, it loads the Habbo console where you can view your friend requests, current friends and request a friendship yourself!


Using your Invetory

If you'd like to place Habbo furniture on your account into your Habbo room, then you must use the inventory! When you've loaded the client, click the symbol (see right) on the left hand side of the client, this then brings up a list of your Habbo furniture! Click on any peice of furniture, then drop it to your Habbo room!


The Chooser Tool

Would you like to see a list of people that are currently in your or someone elses Habbo room? Well now you can! When using the client, in the type-box, you must type in :Chooser and it will bring up the box below.



You can scroll up and down the box as well as enlarging it.


View Furniture Tool

If you'd like to see a list of furniture in the Habbo room that you're in, then you can use this nifty tool that Habbo have created! It's called the Furniture Chooser as it works the same way as :Chooser, but instead, gives a list of Habbo furniture! To view the box, log on to the client and in the type-box, write the word :furni and this box will appear.



You can scroll up and down the box as well as enlarging it, just like the chooser!


Pick up all furniture!

Instead of picking it all up individually, Habbo are now giving you the option to pick up all furniture in one go! If you're bored of the design in your room, then pick up all of your furniture, by typing in the type-box, :Pickall.


An option box will appear asking you if you'd really like to pick it all up. If you're sure, click yes.


View Events

Would you like to see who's running an event in Habbo today? Well, it's really simple to find out! When using the client, click on the hotel navigator icon (see right), then once it pops up, click the Events tab (see image below).



Make a room your favourite!

If you'd like to make a Habbo room part of your favourites, when loading the Hotel navigator on the client, a list of rooms pops up, and next to each room you can see an empty heart shape. To make a room your favourites, click it and it'll turn red, indicating it's one of your favourites!


To view your favourites, click favourites on a tab at the top of the navigator!


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