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Habbo Credits

Habbo Credits are the currency used in Habbo. You can use them to buy all kinds of things, from rubber ducks and sofas, to HC membership and teleports. You can buy credits using many different methods from the credits page, click here.


Habbo credits can be exchanged for coins and then be traded with other members, so you can buy your favourite rare, using your credits from your inventory.


Once you've bought your Habbo credits, you can then start spending - woo! Can I buy credits using cash? You can't purchase credits with cash directly, however Habbo do accept Wallie Card, paysafecard and Ukash.


These payment methods you purchase vouchers at any UK retailerwith a PayPoint machine with cash. You can then use these vouchers to purchase Habbo credits. To buy credits using cash, check out the credits page.


Ooh I've heard you can get credits for free? Is this true? Nope sadly not - the only way you can get Habbo credits for free is by your freinds donating, winning competitions or working for Habbo sadly. However you can still have a great time without credits - just check out our other guides!


I've just bought credits, its saying something about a voucher - help!!! Everytime you purchase Habbo credits, you will be given a voucher code. This is normally a mix of random letters and number, jumble basically. You need to change your voucher code into credits before you can spend them. To do this just check out the Habbo credit page and check out the instructions for your payment method, of what to do next.


Please remember when you're buying credits to ask the bill payers permission first as Habbo don't offer refunds, and you'll probably be in big trouble with your Dad - ahh!

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