Habbo Mania
  How to host a HabboMania event
How to form a HabboMania event.

Firstly, contact Demela on HABBO UK (via friend request) at least 2 days before you want to host the event. Tell him what the event is called and when you want to host it.

If you are staff this is guaranteed to happen but if you are not staff if we haven't got any events going on at the time you want to host it then feel free and we shall help you!

People always ask me: 'do we get paid for hosting the event?', the answer is NO, and you have to give your prize to Demela or Marc-RFC-Marc1 to ensure you do not scam in your event. Remember, the higher the prize the more likely you are to be able to host that event!

Happy habboing guys         Demela

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