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Habbo Pixels

Pixels are a second currency which you can earn and spend in Habbo. They're used to buy items which cannot be purchased with credits.  They can be used to buy special effects, furniture and pixel collectables – yippee!

So then you’re probably wondering how you earn these “pixel” things – well that’s easy...  Pixels can be earned for every level of achievement you attain as well as for spending time in Habbo or playing games - like snowstorm and battleball, when they return!


You can also earn pixels by joining Habbo Club or using the Invite Friends feature.

You can also buy special effects these are items which can only be purchased with Pixels and which create an effect on your Habbo or in your guest room. These items have to be activated to see the effect. Once they are activated they will last a certain amount of time before disappearing. The life clock of these items keeps ticking even when the item is turned off, when it is in your hand or when you are offline. 


Unfortunately you can’t trade rentals – bad times, but you can trade Pixel collectables, bought collectables need to be bought with both pixel points and Habbo credits, check out our guide.

You can find out how many pixels you have, just like as easy as when you check how many credits you have. To find out just visit the Habbo homepage, or if you are inside the Hotel, your Pixel total is displayed at the bottom of the Catalogue when opened. 

However special effects can’t be used when you sit, lay down, playing a game like battleball or when you’re wearing your swimming customer, for a dip in the all famous lido!  Oh and you can’t wave or dance when you’ve got your special effects on!

When you log out or get disconnected when a Special Effect is turned on, the Effect's timer will continue running even when offline.

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