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Habbo Club

Hello and welcome to the Habbo Club guide! This is where you can find out anything you need to know about Habbo's exclusive premium club, commonly known as "HC".


When you purchase Habbo Club, you gain access to loads of cool features such as the Furni & Chooser commands, special badges, exclusive Habbo clothing, 600 spaces for friends on your Habbo friendship list. You're also rewarded with a monthly gift for signing up to Habbo Club and you gain three extra club dances that normal members don't have!


The Habbo Club Badge

The Habbo Club badge are similar to the achievement badges. Depending on how long you've been a member of Habbo club depends on what Habbo Club badge you receive! Your first HC badge is the green one which you can see below, and once you've been a member for a whole year, you are rewarded with a special gold club badge!


You can view some of the Habbo Club badges below.



3 Exclusive Dances

When you've joined Habbo Club, you gain access too three exclusive club dances; Pogo Mogo, Duck Funk and the Rollie. Normal members only get the Hab Hop dance.



Other Habbo Club Benefits

When you join Habbo Club you get the following benefits:

  • Habbo Clothing: Access to Habbo Club clothes & colours.
  • 600 Friends: You're allowed 400 more friends than usual!
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