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  Management Application
Management Application:

  This is the Management Application, in these roles you are to hire, fire and manage your department. Make sure you run this job title efficiently and purposely.

The management applications are managed by Marc-RFC-Marc1, so they will be able to read any applications sent to them, once they receive your application, it may take up to 3 days to get back to you, if it takes longer then you may have been declined. Good luck to all applicants and we hope to see you soon.

Please note: This is not the contact us form so use this time wisely.

If you are in the uk, you can still apply but you need to have a habbo on the hotel selected

The Management Application
can you be bossy?

Make sure all fields have been entered

Section A - Your Information

In this section, you need to provide us with your Habbo Name so that we know who you are, and your email address so we can contact you about your application.


Habbo Name:

Section B - Further Information

In this section, we need to know what country you are from, so that we know what times we can contact you.

We also need to know if you have had any past experience or none at all, this will help us justify if you have done this role before.

If you dont have any experience just put "No Experience".


Job role:
Why we should choose you:

Section C - Your Work

The 3rd and final section, all we need you to do is give us a example of your work. (Only for magazine, graphics and news manager.)
Once you have completed that simply upload your work to this website, Click here, then just copy and paste the url of your work in the box below.

If the role your applying for doesnt need example of your work then quote "not avaliable".


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